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Gillian is our guest blogger for our current session of Body Back. Follow her 8 week journey every week!


Final Results!

The results are in and as happy as I am with the 12 lb. weight loss, I love how in shape I became over these 8 weeks.

In the first post, I shared that I was only able to do one sit up. In the beginning of class, I was able to do five in one minute with Jenny holding my feet down and that was a struggle. Now, in one minute I can do 23! I feel stronger, more toned, and healthier. This is a great program if you want to reboot and get back in shape. My eating habits have adjusted and I am more conscious of eating better and with my portion control. I notice a big difference if I don’t do some form of exercise during the day and my energy source has become to drink more water! I do have my cup of coffee every morning, but if I feel like I’m dragging, I drink a couple glasses of water and immediately feel better. My jeans also fit better and I feel more confident.

I am planning on joining stroller strides for the summer and look forward to keeping this new lifestyle up. I love that these FIT4MOM programs are tailored for moms and the mom...


I can’t believe this journey is almost over. I got my butt back on the bandwagon and rocked it this past week. I worked out every day and stuck to the meal plan. I think we found a few staples that are going to be regulars in our house.

I have a small embarrassing story to share. I didn’t think we had a food processor. My husband thought we did but wasn’t sure, so he went to look in our basement. Apparently we did have one! It was still in the box with the Crate and Barrel gift receipt from our wedding shower 3.5 years ago… That could have saved me so much time with making baby food…

Anyway, we were having a barbeque on Sunday night so my husband made the white bean dip and he used the food processor. He didn’t see that we had white beans, so he used black beans. Either way, it was a big hit. We had some left over and I used it as a topping for my sandwiches for lunch throughout the week. I am trying not to kick myself for not realizing how amazing a food processor is before this experience…

I am a HUGE fan of crock pot recipes. On Monday, I made...


2 weeks left and the weather has finally gotten warmer! We had our first class outside on Saturday morning. It was so nice being outside and I was amazed at the different things you can do just by using a lamp post, curb, and the parking space lines. I look forward to going for more walks this week and doing some of the workouts I learned on Saturday, at home.

This week was a challenge for me. My son had a late doctor’s appointment so we were scrambling on what to get for dinner. Both my boys fell asleep in the car while I was driving home from the city and I was starving so I was trying to find something to grab for lunch. I did choose better options at both Panera Bread and Wendy’s but I should have had snacks or something pre-made that I brought with me or had at home that I can grab. Needless to say, I did workout every day by doing the Facebook challenges and am getting back on the bandwagon this week. On a very positive note, I have noticed that clothes are starting to fit me better! Jeans that have been tight around my waist are now fitting me well....


Week 5

My sisters and I had this workout video growing up called Teen Steam and Alyssa Milano was the instructor. I highly recommend checking it out on YouTube. It is a classic. She does a workout with her two friends in her bedroom and they wanted to work out their frustrations with their parents, friends, school. I loved it when I was a teenager. It is so weird how I am now the parent that they were complaining about. This dvd reminds me of the grownup version of Teen Steam.

I do the Body Back dvds about three days a week and love them! I love the option of just having to do a 20 minute workout or 60 minutes. The Abs section is my favorite and it makes it very easy to get a quick workout it. Every so often, however, I need a switch. When that happens, I do some Facebook challenges that Jenny sends us. I have a favorite one that I use often. It is nice being able to work out and watch some Real Housewives at the same time. I am hoping this weather will stop being crazy and my boys and I can actually go for good walks and do some exercises outside....


We are half way through the challenge so I thought I would write about some things that have happened since I started.


I now watch and monitor what I eat. The best part is I haven’t had to deprive myself of anything. If I go out to eat, I focus on portion control. Cutting up tomatoes, peppers, and fruit so when I do make breakfast, I just grab some veggies and add it to my egg whites in the morning. That’s right; I am now an egg white eater! I never thought I would ever say that but you really REALLY can’t taste the difference.

I also have meals planned out for the week. I have been going to Trader Joe’s after my Saturday class and stock up on everything for the following week. Instead of ordering in on Fridays, they have now been our “make our own pizza” night and it is really fun!

I crave chocolate, so I get trail mix with dark chocolate pieces, Kind bars, and 100 calorie crunch Chibota yogurts which have been delicious and add a little sweetness to my day.

Drinking water has been a part of my day starting first thing in the morning...


Having sick kids is the worst.

Both of my boys were sick this week. It all went down on Monday but I managed to do 40 minute of the body back dvd first thing in the morning. Tuesday, they were a little worse, but still slept so I did the 30 minute abs dvd during their afternoon naps. I am so grateful for the class on Wednesday night. To be able to get out and have a great workout was exactly what I needed.

Thursday, however, was harder. I didn’t get much sleep, they were both up very early and instead of using that time to work out, I was giving nebulizer treatments and watching the movie “Cars” and multiple episodes of Daniel Tiger.

My workout for that day consisted of:

Rocking my all of a sudden very needy 25 lb. baby before naps (don’t worry; I was totally sucking my abs in).

Running from the parking lot to the doctor’s office in the pouring rain holding my 2 year old and pushing a stroller (mother of the year right here for not remembering an umbrella…).

I then did planks and sit ups throughout the episode of Grey’s Anatomy....


Beginning of week 3!

The weekends… oh the weekends… They are by far the hardest part of this whole thing. Usually we go out to dinner one of the nights and the other night, my husband and I basically share a bottle of wine and order in. We were going to get carry out on Saturday night but grilled chicken and veggies is not my normal go-to choice for a delicious dinner. We opted for sushi, but then I had to stay away from anything fried and cream cheese. That’s the only way I like sushi! All I can say is that I did my best and I may or may not have had a glass of wine…

The workouts have been great. I love the 30 minute abs section of the dvd. It has three, ten minute workouts so it is completely doable for a quick workout. We moved here from the city almost 3 years ago and we used to walk everywhere. We still try to and I walk with the boys as much as I can. If I only get a 30 min or 40 min workout completed in the morning, I feel better when we go for a good walk later on in the day.

As for results, I am definitely feeling stronger and I have a...


End of Week 1:

My biggest challenges:

Finding time to work out during the day

I tried to work out in the afternoon and my boys were under my toes the whole time, the workout lasted 10 minutes…

I have an hour in the morning before my husband needs to get ready for work. This seems to work. The baby is eating breakfast, my 2 year old is eating breakfast and then I gave him a shoe lace from a lacing activity and he worked out with me. It was very helpful having my husband there to help.

During Saturday morning’s class, I mentioned my frustration to Jenny. She has three kids, two being twin toddlers so she is my go- to person for any tips and tricks while I am on this journey. She said to try working out when the baby is taking his morning nap. I didn’t even think about that! I will be trying that this week as well.

My other biggest challenge this weekend was that it was my favorite holiday weekend, St. Patrick’s Day. I am 100% Irish so my family celebrates all weekend along as well as on the actual St. Patrick’s Day. I stuck to my meal...


Week 1:

Since having my second son 9 months ago, I am starting to get a little more sleep and realized it is time for my ab muscles to rediscover themselves. I had two boys in a year and a half, so my body needs a little guidance on how to use all of these muscles that have not been used in a while. After thinking how long it has been since I worked out like this, I realized it has been three and a half years. Three and a half years ago I was getting wedding dress ready. Back when muffin tops, depressing post breast feeding boobs, and stretch marks were nonexistent…

Since high school, I always needed to be held accountable in everything that I did or else I gave up. I have the exact same problem with working out. This program is perfect for me because I have to document my water and food intake and see a great group of ladies who are going through the same thing as me. Another major perk is that I also get some much needed time to myself; to work on myself. As a stay at home mom of a 2 year old and 9 month old, I found my life was all my boys and I felt like...