8 Week Session- COMPLETE!

Final Results!

The results are in and as happy as I am with the 12 lb. weight loss, I love how in shape I became over these 8 weeks.

In the first post, I shared that I was only able to do one sit up. In the beginning of class, I was able to do five in one minute with Jenny holding my feet down and that was a struggle. Now, in one minute I can do 23! I feel stronger, more toned, and healthier. This is a great program if you want to reboot and get back in shape. My eating habits have adjusted and I am more conscious of eating better and with my portion control. I notice a big difference if I don’t do some form of exercise during the day and my energy source has become to drink more water! I do have my cup of coffee every morning, but if I feel like I’m dragging, I drink a couple glasses of water and immediately feel better. My jeans also fit better and I feel more confident.

I am planning on joining stroller strides for the summer and look forward to keeping this new lifestyle up. I love that these FIT4MOM programs are tailored for moms and the mom life. The classes are great and easy ways to get out of the rut that can easily and quickly sneak into your life as you are busy taking care of your babies, house, work, marriage; basically everything in your life but yourself.

I met some great women in my Body Back class as well. They have or are going through the same challenges and everyone is so supportive and fun. We learned that talking makes the tough workout go by faster too, which wasn’t very difficult for us…

Thanks for reading and being with me on this journey over the last 8 weeks. It has been a wonderful experience and I am forever grateful to Becca, Jenny, and FIT4MOM. Rock on ladies.