End of Week 3

Having sick kids is the worst.

Both of my boys were sick this week. It all went down on Monday but I managed to do 40 minute of the body back dvd first thing in the morning. Tuesday, they were a little worse, but still slept so I did the 30 minute abs dvd during their afternoon naps. I am so grateful for the class on Wednesday night. To be able to get out and have a great workout was exactly what I needed.

Thursday, however, was harder. I didn’t get much sleep, they were both up very early and instead of using that time to work out, I was giving nebulizer treatments and watching the movie “Cars” and multiple episodes of Daniel Tiger.

My workout for that day consisted of:

Rocking my all of a sudden very needy 25 lb. baby before naps (don’t worry; I was totally sucking my abs in).

Running from the parking lot to the doctor’s office in the pouring rain holding my 2 year old and pushing a stroller (mother of the year right here for not remembering an umbrella…).

I then did planks and sit ups throughout the episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Better than nothing I guess.

Things looked up after that and I was able to get myself back on track… My thinking about Easter Brunch on Sunday is portion control. My self- control is limited when there is delicious food in front of me. I will also make the better choice when the better choice comes up. Is there a better choice between sausage and bacon? On days like this, I wish I had a healthy food pallet. It would make things SO much easier. We are supposed to have nicer weather next week, so I will just go for an extra- long walk and get back on the wagon on Monday.

Stay healthy everyone!