End of Week One: Thoughts and Struggles

End of Week 1:

My biggest challenges:

Finding time to work out during the day

I tried to work out in the afternoon and my boys were under my toes the whole time, the workout lasted 10 minutes…

I have an hour in the morning before my husband needs to get ready for work. This seems to work. The baby is eating breakfast, my 2 year old is eating breakfast and then I gave him a shoe lace from a lacing activity and he worked out with me. It was very helpful having my husband there to help.

During Saturday morning’s class, I mentioned my frustration to Jenny. She has three kids, two being twin toddlers so she is my go- to person for any tips and tricks while I am on this journey. She said to try working out when the baby is taking his morning nap. I didn’t even think about that! I will be trying that this week as well.

My other biggest challenge this weekend was that it was my favorite holiday weekend, St. Patrick’s Day. I am 100% Irish so my family celebrates all weekend along as well as on the actual St. Patrick’s Day. I stuck to my meal plan as much as I could; however, I did splurge and have a Smithwicks, Guiness, and Shepherd’s Pie. Needless to say, I enjoyed every second of it.


After class on Saturday, I went to Trader Joe’s to do some shopping for the week.

The new meals I tried:

I made a veggie omelet with egg whites and it was tasty! I bought a light shredded cheese blend and added some to it as well.

The breakfast burrito was awesome. The salsa adds to the flavor and was very tasty.

Strawberry Spinach Salad is my favorite and I add goat cheese to it. Oh how I love goat cheese.

I am excited to make the dinner meals this week! Every Tuesday, is Taco Tuesday at our house. My husband usually picks up some tacos on his way home from work. From now on, we will be making shrimp or ground turkey tacos instead. The other meals on the docket are: chili, spinach meatballs, and making our own pizzas.

Till next week,