Week 6- Enjoying the gorgeous weather!

2 weeks left and the weather has finally gotten warmer! We had our first class outside on Saturday morning. It was so nice being outside and I was amazed at the different things you can do just by using a lamp post, curb, and the parking space lines. I look forward to going for more walks this week and doing some of the workouts I learned on Saturday, at home.

This week was a challenge for me. My son had a late doctor’s appointment so we were scrambling on what to get for dinner. Both my boys fell asleep in the car while I was driving home from the city and I was starving so I was trying to find something to grab for lunch. I did choose better options at both Panera Bread and Wendy’s but I should have had snacks or something pre-made that I brought with me or had at home that I can grab. Needless to say, I did workout every day by doing the Facebook challenges and am getting back on the bandwagon this week. On a very positive note, I have noticed that clothes are starting to fit me better! Jeans that have been tight around my waist are now fitting me well.

This week I am able to plan better for meals and I will be doing two crockpot recipes:

I am putting chicken breasts and salsa together and adding it to a salad for my husband and I and quesadillas for my boys.

I will also be making the crockpot Chicken Verde

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine!