Week 7- Almost done!

I can’t believe this journey is almost over. I got my butt back on the bandwagon and rocked it this past week. I worked out every day and stuck to the meal plan. I think we found a few staples that are going to be regulars in our house.

I have a small embarrassing story to share. I didn’t think we had a food processor. My husband thought we did but wasn’t sure, so he went to look in our basement. Apparently we did have one! It was still in the box with the Crate and Barrel gift receipt from our wedding shower 3.5 years ago… That could have saved me so much time with making baby food…

Anyway, we were having a barbeque on Sunday night so my husband made the white bean dip and he used the food processor. He didn’t see that we had white beans, so he used black beans. Either way, it was a big hit. We had some left over and I used it as a topping for my sandwiches for lunch throughout the week. I am trying not to kick myself for not realizing how amazing a food processor is before this experience…

I am a HUGE fan of crock pot recipes. On Monday, I made the Crockpot Chicken Verde. It was so delicious! We ate it by itself adding nothing but it would be great with tortillas, avocado, rice, anything you can think of. I was really surprised with how much we enjoyed this recipe. It was very flavorful. I usually have to add cheese and sour cream and this did not need anything added to it. This is definitely my favorite dinner on the menu.

I also made the Spinach Turkey Meatballs this week. We all loved them, even my newly crazy picky 2 year old! The first time I attempted to make them, it was a disaster. I tried to cook them on the stove and they fell apart, so this time, I decided to make them smaller and to bake them. They were such a big success.

For breakfast, we made the Banana French Toast. The recipe says to use non-fat vanilla yogurt instead of syrup and it was really tasty. This was another big hit with our whole family.

I have been really impressed with the recipes that are given. This program is very realistic from the workouts to the recipes. I am sad to have only one week left, but am so happy with the positive changes that have happened to me and my family over the last 7 weeks.