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Is that a dramatic ploy to reel you in to reading this blog? No. Not really. ; ) I’ll explain, but first some feedback from the week(s). I had to miss week 2 classes because of a family birthday and a conference. I still kept on track (mostly) with the nutrition plan. I did enjoy a celebratory cupcake, minus the frosting, and some complimentary hotel breakfast food. Eehem, waffles. Mmm. My dietitian Mom would remind me, it’s what you do habitually that makes the difference. So occasionally, these things are part of a balanced diet, right? I still grit my teeth a bit when it’s time to write out the weekly menu plan and shopping list, but I AM convinced that the planning is worth it, so maybe I’ll start to enjoy the process one of these days.

We did a water drinking challenge for week 2. 108 oz. a day was usually my minimum. (My water bottle filled 4 times) I seriously felt so refreshed from being so hydrated! To drink that much, it helped to add a drop of therapeutic grade lemon essential oil each time I filled my stainless steel bottle. (Lemon oil breaks down plastic,...


How was it, you ask? Well let’s see… throw intense exercise, meal planning, clean eating, increased water intake, and accountability into the pot and you get an interesting concoction of exhilaration and exhaustion! Things kicked off on a Saturday, bright and early. I personally feel so inspired by early mornings, so I was pumped. (I’m sorry if some of you just groaned. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those constantly energized people, I just find mornings invigorating.) Fitness assessments went well, though I honestly hoped I would be able to do more than 3 pushups. But hey, getting stronger is what I’m here for. We did measurements, weigh ins, and before pictures. (*Please see my closing comments for a little heart to heart about those “dreaded” before pics.) Talking through meal planning closed out the class.

On that note, writing out the meal plan has been stretching for me. I’m usually a fly by the seat of my yoga pants kind of gal when it comes to meals and shopping. I still have yet to stick closely to my written meal plan, though I fill the fridge and pantry with...


900 days. That's approximately how long my body has collectively been on the pregnancy journey! Well, guess what? This gal is getting' ready for her body to come back!! ;)

Before we chat more about Body Back and why I'm so excited to start...let me briefly share a little about myself. I'm married to my best friend Jeff and we have some precious little people. Seals is 5, Sky is 4, our 3rd child is our angel baby, and Blaze is almost 1. You think we've got our hands full? You're right, and we love it!

I recently celebrated my 30th birthday. Two years ago, when I decided to join Fit4Mom Stroller Strides, was when I started taking my personal fitness seriously. Seriously, it was one of the best decisions I could have made. (You're gonna wonder if I was paid to say that. Nope. It's just been THAT amazing.) Strength for motherhood is what I've found. Throughout my pregnancy with my youngest, I did Stroller Strides consistently up the end and also went to Fit4Baby classes. Out of all my pregnancies, this last one was by far my strongest and healthiest! Fast forward to...