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Wow…totally failed that goal…again I’ve meant to write a couple times now and yet here I am…Well lets look back at the past week or so.

2-19: Yay, no school! I got to hang out with my little man all day today. I seriously can’t even wait until summer. Heck, I am excited for spring break (actually just spring in general!) but its nice to have a day once and awhile.

2-21: Well today was pretty crazy. We had a soft lockdown (called a hold in place) at school today. AKA we had to keep one class in our classroom for just over 2 hours with little to no information. So, its not really anything to freak out about because a hold in place can be for anything where the administration needs to keep students out of the hallways. But of course, with the current events across the country, it’s a little bit scary. So long boring locked in story short but they found an empty bullet casing in one of the hallways. No immediate danger but again timing and with what's going on in the world just enough to get everybody thinking (and of course talking). But for me...



Well I honestly couldn’t even remember the last time I sat down to write. I mean it’s a good thing I have been dating these things…but still how has it been 10 days!?! I feel like that whole saying ‘the days are long but the weeks are short’ totally applies. School has been super busy and I am just soooo tired. I even took a pregnancy test (negative! Just in case you were wondering) just because I feel like I am just annoyingly tired all of the time. I guess its just more so the burning the candle at both ends thing. I have always worked way too many hours as a teacher but this year I have made it a uncompromised goal to not do work while DJ is awake and just hang out with him until he goes to sleep. I mean he still goes to bed early so its attainable. But my problem is that he will go to bed between 6:30 and 7…so then I make and eat dinner and by the time I sit down to do work its already 7:30 or 8pm…aka I am already tired and my production quality kinda blows. Luckily I have amazing coworkers who are super supportive and always willing to help. So lets...


Week 4

Wednesday 1/31/18

Oh my gosh, here comes some complaining...how do people do it? I am so tired and I feel like I am not getting anything accomplished. I didn’t feel like going to work out tonight because I am just mentally and physically exhausted. Obviously, I am glad I did but I swear I was yawning the whole time and I did not feel like I was performing that well. One thing is for sure though, we have an awesome group of moms. I enjoy spending time with them and chatting while we all bust our booties (and holy cow I was a sweaty mess after this workout haha). I am definitely not the only one with struggles this week, but man, I just feel like when its me I am super negative about it and everyone else is better at keeping a happy face on. But who knows…maybe they feel the same way about themselves. I kinda think its just the beginning of the week that gets me, I never seem to be prepared for school so I am constantly running around like a chicken with my head cut off come morning. Just gotta push through…only what? 2 more months until spring break…we...


Week 3!

I’m not quite sure what to write this week….It has definitely not been a great week. We just finished finals which equates to late nights of grading and trying to get scores competed. On top of that, the hubby was out of town so I didn’t have any break in the action until little man was sleeping. So yeah it was just kinda a drag. I struggled all week with what I wanted to write and I guess that’s why I put it off until now (10:45pm Sunday night) yeah, I am that kind of procrastinator! So yeah basically this probably won't flow as well and it may jump all over the place…but hey...

And well case in point…I totally fell asleep last night while writing this…so here it goes again! Last week…last week was a little rough. Once I finally finished all the grading I got a wonderful little head cold (which really is not that bad compared to some of the stuff my fellow Body-Backers have had to deal with!) but still annoying. But besides the congestion, I just haven’t felt really ‘good’ this week. Maybe its that the excitement of the new endeavor is wearing out or...


Monday 1/15

Yesterday was the beginning! I did my shopping and planned my week but of course it started off with a mini vacation over MLK day. My girlfriends and I planned a multi-family weekend to an indoor waterpark in Lake Geneva. So needless to say it didn’t start perfect but I definitely put thought into my meals and tried to choose the healthier option…except for cheese curds…because I am a sucker for fried cheese, especially in Wisconsin (haha maybe when I have learned better self-control towards the end of this challenge). But I was proud of myself for choosing a turkey wrap over a burger (and only eating half a wrap per meal!) and choosing a veggie/hummus wrap when we went to the grill in the waterpark. I did have some pizza and 2 beverages but I figured it’s a heck of a lot better than before I started this journey and I can only go up from here!

Tuesday 1/16

I don’t get it…how do people find the time/energy to work out after work? I guess I might be able to while DJ is playing for the couple hours after school before he goes to bed but I want to be...


Alright…well game on! This is my first blog entry…like ever…so I guess that I want to preface it with the fact that I am not good at writing…so punctuation…grammar…and maybe even spelling will probably be a little rough. Pretty much I write like I talk/text and it’s probably not going to be very pretty.

I guess I should start with a little introduction. My name is Jackie, I am 31-year-old high school math teacher and I love pictures (which you will probably notice throughout the blog if you haven’t already haha). I am married to an amazing man who loves me for who I am and is the best partner I could have asked for, his name is Joe. I am a first time mommy to a little boy that makes my heart whole, D.J. (Donald James-named after my daddy #daddysgirl #RIP). DJ is just about 10 months old and a little ball of happiness and energy. He loves exploring new things and moving around the house. He brings so much joy to everyone around him and I love absolutely everything about becoming a mommy, except how my body has changed. I have been pretty good about keeping a positive...