Getting Started With Week One!

Alright…well game on! This is my first blog entry…like ever…so I guess that I want to preface it with the fact that I am not good at writing…so punctuation…grammar…and maybe even spelling will probably be a little rough. Pretty much I write like I talk/text and it’s probably not going to be very pretty.

I guess I should start with a little introduction. My name is Jackie, I am 31-year-old high school math teacher and I love pictures (which you will probably notice throughout the blog if you haven’t already haha). I am married to an amazing man who loves me for who I am and is the best partner I could have asked for, his name is Joe. I am a first time mommy to a little boy that makes my heart whole, D.J. (Donald James-named after my daddy #daddysgirl #RIP). DJ is just about 10 months old and a little ball of happiness and energy. He loves exploring new things and moving around the house. He brings so much joy to everyone around him and I love absolutely everything about becoming a mommy, except how my body has changed. I have been pretty good about keeping a positive outlook and reminding myself that pregnancy affects everyone differently but I still have my insecurities. My husband and family have been great and supportive but I don’t really buy in to the ‘you just had a baby’ thing…well no…I had a baby 10 months ago…I think it’s time to make some changes. So here I am!

So a little bit of background as to why I am not loving my new post-baby body, I have never been a skinny little thing but I always been an athlete and not to toot my own horn but a pretty decent one (and definitely a competitive one). I was a 3 sport athlete in high school (volleyball, basketball, track) and received All-State honors while leading my team to a 2nd place finish on the basketball court. I then went on to get a full-ride to an NAIA school and work my way up to becoming a 3rd team All American. After I finished my career there I still needed the competitive challenge so I started running...marathons, half-marathons…15k…mud runs…you name it. I was training for my 5th marathon when I found out I was pregnant with DJ. Again not trying to brag about past accomplishments but after a pregnancy that left me 40+ pounds heavier and winded walking up a flight of stairs it can give everyone a little bit of perspective. I had a lot of trouble nursing at the beginning so I didn’t want to exercise or diet in fear of losing what little supply I was building. But after seeing pictures of myself from over the holidays I knew I needed a change asap.

So Saturday was our first day of Body Back 2018! I decided that I wanted to do Body Back after finishing the mini session over the holidays. I knew I needed to do something and the 4-week class seemed like something I could handle with the craziness that comes with teaching. I really enjoyed it and could definitely tell it made a difference after the 4 weeks were up. I figured the full session would be a great way to build off of that and incorporate all of the meal planning and accountability that I so desperately need in order to be successful. My biggest excuse has always been time. It is going to be tough to learn how to balance the meal planning and working out along with my work load and family time but I am just going to treat those negative thoughts and doubts as my competition to becoming what I want to be and I will not lose! ☺

We had our weigh in and measurements done as well as our assessments. I was not super pumped about seeing all of my stats but everybody needs to start somewhere and its more reminder for me to push forward and get it going. I am really excited about the group of ladies in class with me because I know a lot of them from Stroller Strides/Stroller Barre over the summer and they are all so amazing and supportive. So here’s to a great session and I am excited to start this journey towards better health and getting my body back!

Update: My husband is being great and even sat down with me to help plan our meals this week! So now we have a plan and it is awesome knowing that he’s got my back and is ready to support me through my journey!

Highlight: I have lost 4 pounds since starting my new year’s water resolution! Yay small victories!

Hardship: DJ started a new daycare this week and he is not adjusting very well yet. So pretty much he screams whenever I leave and has become a mommy magnet (not that I mind too much because it’s the first time he has ever really been cuddly!) but he is also not sleeping very well at school. On Thursday and Friday, he went to bed before 4:30 pm (aka on the way home from work) which is great for getting things done but sucks because I don’t get to spend any time with him. So hopefully he will find his new groove soon!


May 2015 (Less than 3 years ago!)


Glory Days! (2008?)


3rd and fastest marathon so far! (2013 maybe?)


Mother's Day 2017


My amazing beautiful family! Ahhh! I love them so much!!!


I'll never say I hate my body/regret anything because it is amazing and I have used it to create and nourish life for the past year and a half...but it’s time for it to shrink back to its normal size!