Week 2 (1/21/18)

Monday 1/15

Yesterday was the beginning! I did my shopping and planned my week but of course it started off with a mini vacation over MLK day. My girlfriends and I planned a multi-family weekend to an indoor waterpark in Lake Geneva. So needless to say it didn’t start perfect but I definitely put thought into my meals and tried to choose the healthier option…except for cheese curds…because I am a sucker for fried cheese, especially in Wisconsin (haha maybe when I have learned better self-control towards the end of this challenge). But I was proud of myself for choosing a turkey wrap over a burger (and only eating half a wrap per meal!) and choosing a veggie/hummus wrap when we went to the grill in the waterpark. I did have some pizza and 2 beverages but I figured it’s a heck of a lot better than before I started this journey and I can only go up from here!

Tuesday 1/16

I don’t get it…how do people find the time/energy to work out after work? I guess I might be able to while DJ is playing for the couple hours after school before he goes to bed but I want to be involved with him, I don’t want to miss that time because we only get a couple hours a day. By the time I put him to sleep I am ready for bed too and I still have to do my school work… I had planned on doing an at home workout but I am having a hard time functioning. Definitely feeling a little discouraged but I can’t slack with the job either…

Wednesday 1/17

So body back tonight was BRUTAL! Becca kicked my butt. I had to take a nap before going because DJ has been waking up every 4 hours throughout the night and I am exhausted. I hate napping while he is awake but I knew I wouldn’t make it through the workout if I didn’t. After the workout I felt reenergized (like I know I need to work out and I know it makes me feel better…but I never feel like I have time…ugh I need to stop letting time hinder me but it is a struggle. Anyways back to the workout. Our group of ladies are awesome! It was so fun to connect and talk about everything with people who GET IT. We all seem to have the same struggles and I’m pretty sure everyone thinks that someone else is doing better than them. I got asked how I do it…hahaha for a moment I thought the person asking me the question was crazy because I definitely do not have my s*** together…but I guess it just boils down to the fact that everyone is fighting their own battles and even though it may seem like we are running in place or even moving backwards, we are doing our best and that IS good enough! So if you are reading this…You are AMAZING momma (or daddy…I don’t know who reads this haha)! Keep it up and SMILE!

Sunday 1/21/18

The end of this week had some major ups and downs! Friday was intense because it was the last day of finals so all I did was grade (and grade and grade and I still have one more class to grade still ugh) but it started out with my water spilling all over my school bag…luckily after sitting in front of a space heater all day it seems like all of my electronics are working! But enough about work let’s talk about this lifestyle change! So weekends are proving much harder to stay on track with healthy eating habits. Body back was again awesome and I am still feeling my lack of abs whenever I stand up today. Then my hubby and I had a nice little triple date with some friends and to summarize the rest of the weekend I will use a little method I’ve perfected while talking to parents from school by sandwiching a negative between two positives haha and just to put the struggle into context I’d like to consider myself a sugar addict (I freaking love sugar!!!). So here it goes a) I chose a healthy option for my meal out (seasoned chicken breast with rice and beans instead of the super delicious looking massive cheeseburger) b) I totally lost the battle with my self-control and partook in the most delicious bacon brownie with bacon ice cream (omg it was so freaking good!) c) at church on Sunday we have a fellowship after the service and I totally refrained from eating the delicious looking cake. So all in all I felt a little bit guilty about the (amazing) brownie but I feel like I made up for it with all of my other decisions throughout the weekend.

Highlight: We had our first weigh in Saturday and I lost 8 pounds! I know I shouldn’t focus on the number and I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be…but it still felt good and made me even more motivated to get through the hard times. Oh and I tried cauliflower rice this week and its actually super delicious so looks like that’s going on the menu a whole bunch more times!

Hardship: My sweet loving (usually great sleeping) baby is waking up every 4 hours! Ugh he just turned 10 months this weekend and just cut 2 more teeth but oh my word his lack of sleep is just adding to the fatigue (plus then he is way crabbier than usual). School is enough in itself but adding the whole not getting enough sleep is making it really hard to do anything else in life. But he is adorable, so I guess I can forgive him. ;-)

Question mark for the week… Looks like this week will be another new challenge as my husband will be traveling for work…I am a little nervous for the meal prep part of things just because it is nice to hand him the baby to entertain while I make dinner/lunches but he has also been taking at least one of the night time wakings. So hopefully it will all go smoothly!


Sorry not was AMAZING #baconbrownie


Salmon and broccoli- easy and delish!


Why Jewel why?!? Why do they put the most delicious looking baked goods right next to the fruits and veggies...oh man it was hard to walk away but I grabbed my blueberries and walked away haha!


10 months! How is my baby so big?!


I made sure self-control won this battle...even though this is like my favorite kind of cake...and yes i'm pretty sure there was drool but no I didn't cave.