Week 3!

Week 3!

I’m not quite sure what to write this week….It has definitely not been a great week. We just finished finals which equates to late nights of grading and trying to get scores competed. On top of that, the hubby was out of town so I didn’t have any break in the action until little man was sleeping. So yeah it was just kinda a drag. I struggled all week with what I wanted to write and I guess that’s why I put it off until now (10:45pm Sunday night) yeah, I am that kind of procrastinator! So yeah basically this probably won't flow as well and it may jump all over the place…but hey...

And well case in point…I totally fell asleep last night while writing this…so here it goes again! Last week…last week was a little rough. Once I finally finished all the grading I got a wonderful little head cold (which really is not that bad compared to some of the stuff my fellow Body-Backers have had to deal with!) but still annoying. But besides the congestion, I just haven’t felt really ‘good’ this week. Maybe its that the excitement of the new endeavor is wearing out or maybe its just the being alone and swamped with work and a little bit of a cold. I just feel like this week has been more of going through the motions.

When it comes to my meal planning it has just been fine…I cheated on Tuesday and substituted a slice of chocolate cake (it was Portillo's so yeah self-control=zero) for my sandwich at lunch…but other that that I have been doing really well and actually cooking every night. Since you guys don’t really know me that well in my 8 year relationship with my now husband-I have probably cooked a grand total of 15 times…so yeah that’s kind of a big deal. When it comes to my water intake I have been doing great. I have hit my goal of half of my body weight every day since January 1 (and most days I smash that number!). So I guess my biggest issue is that I never seem to have time to work out. I am making the time to get to body back but even then I am exhausted. I don’t want it to be about excuses so I am just going to have to figure out how to fit in some more workouts.

Ok so now lets focus on the awesomeness of the week. Everything really turned around come Saturday. My workout was way better than Wednesday and its so great to connect with all the girls at Body Back and realize that we are all in this together. We all have our own struggles but everyone is so encouraging and positive with each other (if there is one thing that I am guilty of but also noticed in many others…is that we are wayyyy more positive with each other than we are with ourselves!). But either way it’s a great community to be a part of. Then after workout, I went for a nice long walk with the little man. It was a little chilly, but not bad at all and SOOO nice to get out of the house! The fresh air and being disconnected from the mobile world does AMAZING things for the mind and soul. Then, I finished the night with a nice little basement date night with the hubby. I don’t know how many of you have significant others that travel for work, but I am learning really quick…it sucks! I know its just part of the job but it makes the week so much more stressful plus I just like hanging out with him…well either way I know I’m not the only person that deals with it but it just makes me thinking about all of those people who are single parents. My hat goes off to ya! I don’t know how you do it but keep it up and no, I don’t envy you. My MIL was a a single mom to 3 kids…while working….and going to night school…so I guess I can handle a week of work days every once and while but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to complain a little here and there! Oh, also mad props to my mom and sister for coming over to watch the babe so I can get to class and when I have to do work stuff. It takes a village and I’ve surrounded myself with a pretty awesome one.

Highlight: The weekend! Joe and I had a date night (in our basement after DJ went to sleep) but we just played Mario (party/kart/olympics) and hung out.

Hardship: Not enough sleep! I just felt like a zombie basically the whole week until I went to bed at 8:00 Friday night (then I felt normal over the weekend). Here’s to a better week this week!


Tried making 'beet chips' ...didn't quite turn out anything like chips...but not bad!


Look at me! Actually cooking! So weird ☺


Great reminder as I was was walking out of our workout this weekend after a tough week. Gotta focus on the positive and bringing each other up. Everyone has struggles, but they do not define us. Keep your heads up mommas, we got this!


Got outside for a 3.5 mile walk! It was a little chilly, but soooo awesome to get outside! Can’t wait for spring/summer!