Week 4!

Week 4

Wednesday 1/31/18

Oh my gosh, here comes some complaining...how do people do it? I am so tired and I feel like I am not getting anything accomplished. I didn’t feel like going to work out tonight because I am just mentally and physically exhausted. Obviously, I am glad I did but I swear I was yawning the whole time and I did not feel like I was performing that well. One thing is for sure though, we have an awesome group of moms. I enjoy spending time with them and chatting while we all bust our booties (and holy cow I was a sweaty mess after this workout haha). I am definitely not the only one with struggles this week, but man, I just feel like when its me I am super negative about it and everyone else is better at keeping a happy face on. But who knows…maybe they feel the same way about themselves. I kinda think its just the beginning of the week that gets me, I never seem to be prepared for school so I am constantly running around like a chicken with my head cut off come morning. Just gotta push through…only what? 2 more months until spring break…we got this! Hahaha

Thursday 2/1/18

Oh February! I welcome you with a little bit of trepidation January wasn’t the best but it felt like it took FOREVER…we were even off school for the first week of it…and I still feel like its been January forever. Either way, today I got the sweetest surprise. My husband got me an edible arrangement bouquet for all of my hard work and progress during January. He is seriously the best! It’s crazy because it feels like January has been going on FOREVER its still weird to think that I’ve been drinking my crazy amounts of water for a month already! I thought that it was going to be so much harder than it is. I mean I am drinking a ton of water and I am cooking…like weird…who am I? Haha but on a serious note Joe is the best. He has been so supportive both mentally and physically and today he just outdid himself even more. Plus, he even found a way to surprise me and make it a healthy reward at that! Bravo babe you are the best! ☺

Saturday 2/3/18

Saturday morning workouts are seriously so much better than my Wednesday nights. I just feel like a different person. I actually feel like I can move and that I am not just a zombie going through the motions (like I did this Wednesday). We had another weigh in and it ent good! I am not going to focus on the number but it’s like the scale can definitely tell when I have decided to cheat or not (and unlike last week, I didn’t really cheat this week). So yes' our workout kicked my butt and I was super sweaty again but today we also got accountability partners and did some partner exercises together! So here is a little bit about my new partner…first off her name is Amanda and she has a super adorable little man too. From my point of view, she seems to be an energizer bunny that is just filled with positivity and extra reps of pretty much everything we do haha. I was kinda excited when Amanda pulled my name because I remember trying to keep up with her over the summer at Stroller Strides and just mentally challenging myself to be more like her in my workouts. So yeah, not to be weird or anything but you rock and I have definitely been silently pushing myself to keep up with you while working out since summer. But besides her athletic ability she also just seems to have her stuff together (maybe she might not think, so but I do!) She is always posting about her at home workouts and posting delicious looking food she cooked. So yeah you go girl and I will continue trying to keep up with you and all your reps during our workouts!

Saturday update! Jenny posted our first partner challenge for this week and I am pretty pumped. The challenge is for…drinking water! This is totally up my alley since my new year’s goal/resolution has to do with drinking half of my body weight in ounces of water every day and I have surpassed my goal every day for a month already! So yeah I feel like being the competitive person I am I will be drinking even more now, but for the year so far I am averaging about 130 oz a day (and no I do not weight 260 lbs…like I said I have been surpassing my goal)! So I definitely feel like I am starting with an advantage but its fun because now Amanda and I can help each other stay accountable too! Also today was going to be my day to catch up on school work and prep for the week and it turned into my poor little man being sick all day and just wanting to lay on mommy. He couldn’t be more than a foot away from me without being upset and he actually cuddled on my lap for longer than 35 seconds (unfortunately my sweet baby boy didn’t get the memo that mommy likes cuddling on a regular basis not just when sick). So yeah all my plans and good intentions got thrown out the window and I spent all day cuddling and being a bed (he also wouldn’t sleep unless it was on me). So as much as I love being needed I will definitely be feeling the aftershocks of getting nothing done all day for the rest of the week. But hey, it’s the labor of love and that sweet little boy comes first. If he needs his mommy, mommy is going to be there.

Sunday 2/4/17

Super bowl Sunday! So I was a little worried about the whole eating healthy thing today...but I also wasn’t going to kill myself over it and decided that hey it’s okay to indulge a little bit because I know that I am still making healthier decisions that I would have been without ever starting this program. So my friends have a party every year and its usually just us sitting around drinking beer, eating food, and chatting about life with the game in the background. So given the whole party basically focuses around food/drinking I decided that I was going to combat that with heathier eating before the party and a massive amount of water (to kick off the challenge with a bang) so Amanda and I were texting all day comparing ounces and hey surprise surprise I didn’t even eat as badly as I thought I would (and I only had ¾ of a beer!) I mean now don’t get me wrong I definitely had more chocolate covered pretzels than necessary…but hey, I forgive me ;-)

Tuesday 2/6/18

Ugh I am definitely feeling the whole I didn’t get s*** done this weekend. I am so tired (and of course I stayed up super late last night grading…and didn’t even finish double ugh). I meant to type these entries on a much more frequent basis but instead have just been writing stuff down…ya know to get to it later… So yeah I don’t want to complain…but I also just want to complain. It is amazing how different my attitude is at the beginning of the week to the end of the week. I need to work on keeping my end of the week/weekend attitude all week long. One thing that was really cool that I forgot to write about this weekend was what Becca (one of our fearless leaders at Body Back) had us do at class Saturday. She had us each write ourselves a thank you note. I used to think stuff like this was so awkward and I’d just write something down to complete the assignment but I feel like I am really trying to embrace the process and reflect on everything as I go through. So just a recap of my note to myself. I am proud of myself. Lifestyle changes are not easy but I have made the first step, I am trying. And although I could be better, I am better than I was before. I mean not always but just the fact that I can reflect on the times that I struggle and (even though I may not always make the healthier choice) I at least recognize what the healthier choice is. And hey I gotta cut myself some slack sometimes too. I recognize that I am way more positive and supportive of other people than I am of myself but since I recognize it, now I can work on it. And I am so grateful for the awesome people in my life. I have great coworkers, an amazing system of family and friends who would do anything for me (major props to my hubby who is my rock and best partner I could have ever imagined and shout out to my mom and sister who keep coming over to babysit every time the hubby is traveling so I can go workout -love you guys). And even though technically we are competing this week (and maybe more weeks after this who knows what Jenny and Becca have up their sleeves next) I know I have 7 other momma’s who are going through the same things and even though we all struggle at times it’s a great community and the support is phenomenal. So keep it up girls we got this! Halfway done!

Highlight: My husband Joe who has going above and beyond to support me. He has always been great but he really jumped on board to making this a lifestyle change and not just a workout class. He has embraced the healthier choices and tried all of the recipes I made with no complaints (I think he’s even more pumped that I actually cook now!).

Hardship: Trying not to focus on everything I am lacking in. I want to get everything done and I just run out of energy and hours in the day. It is so hard to balance family, work, cooking, and trying to be healthy. I feel like I constantly have a million balls in the air and I am just trying not to drop any of them.


My husband is the best! So thoughtful and supportive! ❤❤


Wednesday=sweatiest workout I've had in a long time...until Saturday...


Love this little container (TJ Maxx) makes lunch so easy to pack! Double veggies instead of the chips I used to do ☺


My accountability partner! Yay for sweaty selfies! Double yay for drinking like the fishies this week!


My poor sick baby but hey mommy's gonna enjoy whatever snuggles I can because as my husband likes to constantly remind me "he's gonna be a teenager one day..."