Week 5!


Well I honestly couldn’t even remember the last time I sat down to write. I mean it’s a good thing I have been dating these things…but still how has it been 10 days!?! I feel like that whole saying ‘the days are long but the weeks are short’ totally applies. School has been super busy and I am just soooo tired. I even took a pregnancy test (negative! Just in case you were wondering) just because I feel like I am just annoyingly tired all of the time. I guess its just more so the burning the candle at both ends thing. I have always worked way too many hours as a teacher but this year I have made it a uncompromised goal to not do work while DJ is awake and just hang out with him until he goes to sleep. I mean he still goes to bed early so its attainable. But my problem is that he will go to bed between 6:30 and 7…so then I make and eat dinner and by the time I sit down to do work its already 7:30 or 8pm…aka I am already tired and my production quality kinda blows. Luckily I have amazing coworkers who are super supportive and always willing to help. So lets see…I guess I will just think back to what I was planning on writing for the past week an a half but never actually had time to sit down and write…so forgive me for the lack of dates (or they might just be super off but whatevs)

Some day (about a week ago): I was super excited because my mom came over to help watch the babes while I worked out (or maybe she just popped in…who knows I can’t remember s*** anymore…) and one of the first things she said was that I looked good and my face was thinner (yay!). So I had a nice little high and was super excited that all of this hard work is paying off (even if its just a little bit). But then like the next day I was asked when I was due…so yeah here’s just a general (sarcastic) thanks to all the random people in the world who think its appropriate to assume a woman is pregnant. Thanks, really helps the self-esteem. Like I have never had nice abs…I get it…I don’t work hard enough to have that luxury and when I did work hard enough I definitely didn’t eat well enough…but anyway…when I started body back that was one of my unspoken goals-I would really like to stop being mistaken for being knocked up….so I guess I still got some work to do on that goal…

A different day (also a week –ish ago?): We had a super fun date night/game night with some friends. I made dinner so I introduced them to brussel sprouts and cauliflower rice (they claimed they liked it…but hey I think they are delicious)! I also decided to try a recipe for a sugar free banana cake to see how it would taste/look to prepare for DJ’s 1st birthday party. Good news, it was delicious. I’m thinking it will totally work for his smash cake at his party to save a little bit of sugar intake. Bad news (or not really bad but bad-ish) its not as cute as I want it to be. It will be great for the party because I think he will like eating it but I am also getting professional 1-year-old pictures taken and I want to do a cute little smash cake there too. So I guess my dilemma there is I know I want the adorable little decorated cake for his pictures…but I really don’t want to introduce him to that much sugar…hmm undecided…either way though banana cake=delicious and definitely worth making again.

Another day (coulda been the same day as one of the first two incidences…cant remember-I think it was last Saturday JK it was last Saturday because Friday was a snow day!): We finally brought DJ out to play in the snow for the first time. We got him all bundled up with his snowsuit and boots and….he HATED it. Haha but it was adorable anyways! I’m pretty sure that he only hated it because he could barely move, but that’s besides the point because that lil man needs to stay toasty!

2-14-18! Happy Valentines Day! I hope everyone had a nice relaxing/romantic evening with their loved ones! I’ve never been a Valentines person until 4 years ago. Joe knew that I wasn’t really into the ‘holiday’ so that’s when he proposed! He knew I wouldn’t expect it (and I didn’t!). It was amazing and he is still amazing. I wish I could say we had a real nice night reminiscing and enjoying chocolate but he was away for work all week...so nope! It was nice that V-day landed on a Wednesday this year because I got to hang out with all my momma friends at our workout. It was a nice reprieve from the week of being a makeshift single mom this week (I am sure I’ve said it before…still don’t know how single parents do it…you guys are a different kind of super hero!) But yeah definitely wasn’t a great workout for me, not because of the actual workout itself (that was good-thanks for the super shaky legs Becca!) but more so my attitude and just overall physical sense while doing it. It was kind of cool because the theme of the workout was self-love which was a nice little reminder of something I know I need to continuously work on. But special surprise Becca brought us all relaxing scented towels for our meditation today and they smelled so good!

Not to go all negative again but today really hurts my heart. All of this senseless violence needs to stop. It is so sad that teaching has now become a profession where we need to worry about not only about our students emotional, physical and mental growth but now we also have to be concerned about their (and our own) safety in the school? It makes me sick. And being a mom now…I never want to have to worry about my baby’s safety when he goes to school. I mean come on wtf is wrong with the world. Ugh I have so much more to rant about this but this is neither the time nor the place.

2-17-18: Ugh I totally overslept this morning (woke up at 7:12 when I am supposed to be at workout at 7:30!...and still had to nurse the baby!) I also just generally felt yucky…I have been so tired and just all around blah. So this morning at our workout Becca had us all start the class with a ‘win’ from the week. I was in such a negative mood that I honestly couldn’t even think of a single thing until I listened to the first 6 girls. But I finally remembered that I had my second observation on Thursday and I am so happy with how it turned out. My kids were great and I really feel like my principal got a good look into how my classroom flows and the relationships that I have built with my students. Workout was hard but I dunno I just feel weak. I got lightheaded a couple of times and I feel like I had to stop way more frequently than I normally do. But after class I took a pretty awesome 2 hour nap and I do feel a little better so maybe it really is just the whole sleeping thing…

so today I decided that my goals for the week will be

a) get more sleep-aka going to bed before 11pm (not after midnight…maybe even before 10!)

b) be more positive-I am going to try to shift my focus and ignore the hard/negative and be more upbeat

c) write my blog when I actually think about it (I have thought about what I was going to write like 8 times and just never found time to sit down and type it out)

Highlight: Snow day! And giving DJ his first experience in the snow. Having my observation/performance review go well (I think…I’ll see what the principal thought come Friday!) Valentines dates (1 day late with my lil sister and 2 days late with the hubby but whatev still nice to feel the love <3 )

Hardship: So much tired. –see above…not going to dwell on it anymore


Ready for the snow...not quite sure what we think of it though...


And...we hate it!


But at least mommy got one smile (probably because we were finally out of the snow...but whatever ❄)


Sugar free banana cupcakes (yum! Definitely making these again!)


Fiesta turkey skillet with veggie spirals (good...but definitely need my hubby home next time...there was so much I literally ate it all week!)


I do love me some math...but its been making me wanna cry lately too hahaha (well not cry...but I really do miss sleeping haha)


Vday date with the sissy games, wine and healthy-ish brownies (they have peanut butter and sweet potatoes in them!)


Vday date with the hubby (happy to have him home after a long week)