Week 6 into 7!


Wow…totally failed that goal…again I’ve meant to write a couple times now and yet here I am…Well lets look back at the past week or so.

2-19: Yay, no school! I got to hang out with my little man all day today. I seriously can’t even wait until summer. Heck, I am excited for spring break (actually just spring in general!) but its nice to have a day once and awhile.

2-21: Well today was pretty crazy. We had a soft lockdown (called a hold in place) at school today. AKA we had to keep one class in our classroom for just over 2 hours with little to no information. So, its not really anything to freak out about because a hold in place can be for anything where the administration needs to keep students out of the hallways. But of course, with the current events across the country, it’s a little bit scary. So long boring locked in story short but they found an empty bullet casing in one of the hallways. No immediate danger but again timing and with what's going on in the world just enough to get everybody thinking (and of course talking). But for me it got real really fast…I mean my baby’s daycare is in the high school! I know a hold in place isn’t immediate danger but all I could think about was what would I do if it ever escalated to something bigger. It's super messed up. I know my responsibility as a teacher is to protect my students if at all possible but all I would want to do is run across the school to get to my boy (even knowing the hallway is the worst place to be and the daycare is almost as far across the school as it could be). Ugh I hate that I even have to think about this stuff but the sad fact is that I do. My prayer is that something good comes from all the tragedy and DJ won't have to grow up in a world where active shooter drills and scares are a familiar thing.

2-22: Tonight, I went to my first Mom’s Night Out with Fit4Mom. It was so nice to get out and hang out with other moms. We did a wine and paint night where we painted wine glasses. And for my super lack of creativity, I think it turned out pretty good! I am definitely happy to have found a tribe to call my own. There is definitely strength in motherhood and it is awesome to get out and do things with adults every once and awhile. I have been wanting to get out to a MNO for the last couple of times but its just so hard being in the middle of the school year. It just worked out this time where I am quizzing all of my classes tomorrow so I didn’t need to worry about planning or grading for that matter. But yeah for anybody on the fence about Fit4Mom. I highly recommend it, even my husband was impressed that a ‘work out group’ takes the time to go out and get together. It actually reminds me of the first couple of months with DJ. I was on maternity leave in the spring and as soon as he was big enough to get out and walk around that’s what we did. And one day, I was just walking to downtown Saint Charles and I happened to walk pass Mount Saint Mary’s park (on my way to Kimmer’s I’m sure) and I was surprised with how many strollers were parked at the playground. I even sent a snapchat and sent it to my girlfriends and husband and told them ‘I don’t know what is going on down there but there is like at least 8 strollers at the park right now…I wanna be a part of that stroller gang’ and hey little did I know that was just the ladies from Fit4Mom after a spring time workout…and hey less than 2 months after making that comment I joined the gang! Haha #strollergangforlife #maybenotforlifebutdefinitelyfornow

2-23: Today was little man’s surgery! He finally got his tear duct all cleared up. This momma was definitely nervous but Joe and I decided that he would take the day off and I would go to work so I can keep saving up days for when I need another maternity leave (not anytime in the near future…but gotta save those days!). I think the hardest part for me was just knowing that he had to go under for it. All of the doctors and nurses we talked to assured us that it’s a 5-minute procedure and ‘its way harder on the parents than it is on the baby’ but I just feel so bad that I don’t get to be there for him. Today was also my post conference for my review at work. So pretty much I told my principal that I would have my phone out and not to mind me looking down at it constantly. But all in all it was a great day. DJ’s procedure went great and hopefully it will clear everything up. Then he got to spend the day with daddy and go visit his cousin at grandma’s house. My review also went well and it’s always nice to know that all of your hard work pays off. Then after work my husband and I actually got to hang out! Weird! Haha but for real its hard to get adult time during the school year and even harder now that the little man takes up a good chunk of the evening (not that I would have it any other way). But we got to chat and have dinner together. I love that we got to talk about all of the vacations I want to take this summer haha basically I just want to go visit all of my family that lives out of state but it still counts as a vacation. :)

2-24: Today’s workout finally felt pretty good again! I don’t know what was going on last week but hey I am all for getting out of that rut. This week was not great for the progress on the scale (dang my lack of self-control around girl scout cookies!) but hey I didn’t really go up (maybe half a pound) so that’s all good. I can’t believe that next week is our last weigh in! I have definitely made a lot of progress so far but I will have a lot to go to get where I want to be. I think that one of the best things about this program has been the mental changes/hurdles that I have conquered. The biggest of that is definitely making time to meal plan and cook at home. I know that eating out is not healthy (and not cheap either) but I just didn’t think that I could do it all. I actually have a lot more time than it feels like I do. I still really haven’t figured out how to fit more workouts into my daily schedule but hopefully that will be a little easier when it gets nicer out and we can get outside. After workout I decided to clean out DJ’s drawers and move up to his 12 month clothes. My little peanut still fits into most of his 9-month stuff but some of it is starting to get a little tight so I have the time… figured I might as well do it now. We also finally got around to taking DJ’s 11 month pictures, he is such a cutie and I love him so much <3 being a mommy is awesome <3

2-26: And here we go again. Had another hold in place today at school. I am not a fan. The kids were understandably more concerned/worried this time. Plus this one lasted for almost 3 hours. I guess this time they found a live bullet in the school. I mean they handled it well and I am sure they did everything as fast as they could while still taking all of the necessary precautions but lets just say nobody is a fan of being locked in a room for that long. Oh and side note I am almost 2 months into my personal water challenge. I have successfully drunk at least half my body weight in ounces every day for 2 months (in two more days). You know when is not a great time to have drank a lot of water…oh during a 3 hour hold in place during my 3rd consecutive class. Ugh hopefully this nonsense stops and we can get back to actually learning at school (weird right). And don’t get me wrong I do not think the hold in place in nonsense. I think the nonsense is whatever kids are doing to cause the hold in place. As facts were released later it turns out that the person behind the incident was not even a student at our school but actually in the dual program that is hosted in our school. Which is good and bad I mean that program is the reason I get to have a great daycare at my school and basically take my baby to work every day. But at the same time it brings more people into the building and as today showed us could bring more danger there too I guess. All things I don’t want to think about but it is better to have conversations and have plans in place. I just pray we will never need those plans.

2-27: So here I am again wondering where all my time went. I mean I know…I am trying to spend as much time as possible with my baby before he is not a baby anymore (which is coming way too fast! How is he almost a year already?!?!) and then on top of school and cooking and trying to sleep once and awhile time just seems to be slipping by. But I am happy that I am doing this and as the 8 weeks are starting to finish up I am definitely seeing changes. There has been a little bit of physical but more so mentally I can do so much more than I thought, it just takes a little bit of planning and the right attitude. Oh also it was 60 degrees out today! OMG I was so not wanting to be at school. But we did get to take a nice little family walk when I got home so that was refreshing. Cant wait for summer!!

Highlight: DJ’s surgery is over and his eye looks so much better! Also I have been getting myself to bed by 11 all week! Small victories because I am still tired but its way better than after midnight!

Hardship: Just the weight of what is happening in the world and the craziness of the potential threats so close to home.


One last picture the morning before his procedure


Cutest little hospital gown ever ❤


My big strong boy chilling with daddy finally getting to eat after his surgery


Mom’s Night Out


I think it turned out great for my lack of artistic ability!

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11 months! How did that happen so fast?!?


Finally nice out! So...lemme guess tomorrow 20 and snow? Oh mother nature you are so confusing sometimes....ps hopefully not!