Body Back Week 1 - Journey Begun

How was it, you ask? Well let’s see… throw intense exercise, meal planning, clean eating, increased water intake, and accountability into the pot and you get an interesting concoction of exhilaration and exhaustion! Things kicked off on a Saturday, bright and early. I personally feel so inspired by early mornings, so I was pumped. (I’m sorry if some of you just groaned. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those constantly energized people, I just find mornings invigorating.) Fitness assessments went well, though I honestly hoped I would be able to do more than 3 pushups. But hey, getting stronger is what I’m here for. We did measurements, weigh ins, and before pictures. (*Please see my closing comments for a little heart to heart about those “dreaded” before pics.) Talking through meal planning closed out the class.

On that note, writing out the meal plan has been stretching for me. I’m usually a fly by the seat of my yoga pants kind of gal when it comes to meals and shopping. I still have yet to stick closely to my written meal plan, though I fill the fridge and pantry with healthy foods, so whatever we do end up eating is “on plan”. (Except for a couple DD munchkins that ended up on my counter… Just keeping it real ya’ll.)

I’ve tried to get out almost every morning before my family wakes up, for a walk/run and Body Back video workout. This starts my day off on the right foot. Baby has been waking up really early though, so I’m thankful that my hubby is supportive of my goals and takes over until I’m done working out. I find the classes on Wednesday night and Saturday morning to be very challenging and motivating. Honestly, I try to push myself to the max at class to make the most of the time. This has left me with some sooore muscles a day or two after class, but no pain, no gain.

So let’s wrap this up with that little “heart to heart” I mentioned. Instead of Before/After, I want to label my pictures like this: Confident and Strong/More confident and Stronger. Starting out on an intentional fitness journey is not about disdaining where you are currently at. It’s about appreciating where your body has been, (I grow people, what’s your superpower?) and realizing the potential for increasing strength, energy, and confidence! I’m so glad that Fit4Mom encourages this vision. Thanks Jenny and Ellen for reminding us of all these things!