Body Back Week 4 - Half done, but really just begun

It’s hard to believe that we are half way through this 8 week Body Back Transformation session! I’m glad to say that overall, I am just as motivated as I was at the start. I see this session as a kick start to a life style that I want to continue, which is why I’ve really just begun!

At this halfway point, I thought It’d be fun to take a break from the personal updates, (which I’ll catch you up on next time) to share some fitness and food favorites!

Fitness favorites: * An early morning walk/run. Now that the morning temps are such that I can see my breath, these are less frequent, but still enjoyed. *Leggings. I would wear them every day if I could get away with it. They’re so comfortable and make me feel like at any point in the day I could take a few minutes and do some lunges. *Quiet meditative stretching sessions. This mostly happens right after I’ve gotten my kids settled for their own afternoon quiet times. There are the occasional less-than-meditative interruptions of course. (“I. went. PooOOOP!” Which is translated, “Please come help me wipe!”) *The rush of exercise induced endorphins, especially noticeable during high intensity interval training. Of course one must push through the ridiculous and sometimes overwhelming intensity before one reaches this kind of rush. You don’t want to talk to me during one of these training sessions. Laser focused. Beware if you need help in the bathroom during this time. *Ok, last but not least, body back classes! I really look forward to Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Working out with a group of gals is a great way to ensure that you’ll push through to the end. Positive peer pressure at work!

Food favorites: *Apples of all kinds. Honey crisp are like dessert. *Almonds. *Almond Butter. *Anything Almond. *Salsa over eggs. *Lots of seasoning, especially Italian. *Having a veggie tray prepped at the beginning of the week for easy snacking.*Red lentil noodles. *Protein bars that make me feel like I’m eating a cookie. *The smell of garlic or onions sautéing in my skillet. *Broccoli. Yep. Broccoli. *The occasional tiny treat that reminds me “everything in moderation”. : )

Now that I’ve made you hungry, let’s wrap this up with a little pep talk, and then you can go raid your fridge for a healthy snack.

I’m the first to admit that I like to see quick results. The small changes over time are sometimes hard to appreciate. You don’t have to look far to find all kinds of “quick fix” fitness products and strategies. Maybe sometimes they work, but most of the time they don’t. Consider this with me… The beauty you see all around you in nature unfolds with time! The Fall leaves almost unnoticeably turn their colors until one day you look up in awe at the flaming beauty and realize the amazing change! Beauty through fitness is realized in the same way; one healthy meal at a time, one launch-yourself-out-of-bed workout at a time, one beautiful day at a time, keep taking one step closer to healthy. Enjoy the process, be amazed at the progress!