Body Back Week 5 – Still alive!

Hi friends, this week’s blog post will be brief because… I hear a plate crashing to the floor in the other room. Ok, so not in reality, (though it is certainly in the realm of possibility) but metaphorically speaking there’s more than one plate coming down over here. Perhaps some of you have become professional plate spinners, but I’m still an amateur. Truthfully, I am finding it hard to balance “all the things” that call for my attention. Often while I’m succeeding in one area, many others are falling apart. So this week, I might give myself an A+ on meal planning, food preparation, and healthy eating, but if you drop by for a visit I’ll have to warn you that the laundry situation is critical and your feet will probably stick to the kitchen floor. Oh, and watch out for the broccoli bombs the baby threw from his highchair. So what’s a wanna-be super Mom to do? Melt into tears and go rummaging through the cupboards for some chocolate that may have been spared from the cupboard cleanout? Been there done that. Honestly, a brisk fresh-air run is so much more effective at clearing my head. Heart pumping and head clear, I can then sit down and do what I’m sure all professional super heroes do… prioritize. It’s humbling to realize that I can’t keep ALL the plates spinning, but it is empowering to know that choices can be made that will help me succeed at balancing the “plates” I value the most. Relationships are my highest priority; my relationship with God, my husband, my family and friends. And though it is causing some imbalance in other areas, my once buried “fitness plate” is now spinning close to the top. Some may question how or why, but I know what it is doing for my health, energy, and emotional well-being, all of which affect the quality of those relationships that I value so much!! I know things will balance out with time and practice. So please excuse me while I put on my running shoes for some fresh air and fitness… I’ll be back shortly to sweep up those broken plates. ; )

Can I encourage you to consider how health and fitness can find a place on your priority list?